OpenRocket — an Open Source model rocket simulator


OpenRocket is a free, fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them.

The main features include:

Read more about its features and see screenshots.

OpenRocket is an Open Source project licensed under the GNU GPL. This means that the software is free to use for whatever purposes, and the source code is also available for studying and extending.

OpenRocket needs help to become even better. Implementing features, writing documentation and creating example designs are just a few ways of helping. If you are interested in helping make OpenRocket the best rocket simulator out there, please Get involved!

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28.03.2015: Version 15.03 is released! This release contains scriptable simulation extensions and experimental support for tube fins along with many additional improvements.

02.11.2014: Version 14.11 is released! This release contains very few changes. Thrustcurves have been updated and now include AeroTech DMS motors. A few bugs have been fixed.

25.06.2014: Version 14.06 is released! This release contains very minimal changes. It fixes an annoying bug in tables that many people experience. A texture is added for Klima motors.

21.05.2014: Version 14.05 is released! This release contains some minor features, bug fixes and updated thrust curves. New motor vendors Klima and Southern Cross Rocketry are included. The simulation will now compute optimum delay based on actual coast time. Components with CG and mass overrides are decorated with an icon in the component tree.

21.03.2014: Version 14.03 is released! This release contains the new photo realistic renderer (in the Tools menu) which allows one to visualize the rocket in the air. There are various bug fixes in the configuration and motor selection windows as well.

01.01.2014: Version 13.11.2 is released! This release contains bug fixes, usability improvements, and layout fixes.

15.11.2013: Version 13.11.1 is released! This release contains bug fixes including fixing Tube Coupler configuration, various exceptions in the flight configuration tab, updated 3d libraris (which didn't really make it into previous versions).

8.11.2013: Version 13.11 is released! This release simplifies flight configurations by replacing the dialog with the configuration tab. Motor filtering in the motor chooser dialog has been enhanced. Chineese translations have been added and Russian translations updated. Updated the 3D libraries, and squashed some bugs introduced by Java 1.7.0_45-b18.

6.10.2013: Version 13.09.1 is released! This is a bug-fix release, and includes updated 3D libraries and new thrust curves for Aerotech C3 and D2.

8.9.2013: Version 13.09 is released! This release contains numerous bug fixes, updated 3D JOGL libraries, and separated simulation edit and plot dialogs.

4.5.2013: Version 13.05 is released! This release contains a huge number of improvements, the main ones including realistic 3D rendering with decals, flight configurations, lower stage descent simulation, boosted dart support and new translations for Portuguese and Japanese. These are thanks to many contributors.

Version 13.05 also changes the file format to be ZIP-based. Versions earlier than 12.03 will not be able to read files saved by this version.

28.9.2012: Version 12.09.1 is released! This is a bug-fix release, fixing numerous bugs introduced in 12.09. The only new feature is the option to automatically open the latest design file on startup (in EditPreferencesOptions).

23.9.2012: Version 12.09 for Android is released! The major improvement is the possibility to edit simulation parameters, thanks to work by Kevin Ruland.

16.9.2012: Version 12.09 is released!

This version contains a huge number of new features by many contributors:

10.3.2012: Version 12.03 for desktop and Android is released!

In this release the version numbering scheme has been changed. From now on the version number is YY.MM indicating the year and month of the release. Bug fix releases are indicated by an added ".1".

This also marks the first release for Android devices. In this first release you can open files and examine existing simulations, stability data and motor files. The Android port is thanks to work by Kevin Ruland.

Enhancements in the desktop version include saving designs in RKT format thanks to Doug Pedrick, freeform fin set import form images by Jason Blood, configurable stage separation events, guided help tours and displaying the computed motor designation class. The application has also been translated to Italian by Mauro Biasutti and Russian by the Sky Dart Team.

24.11.2011: Version 1.1.9 is released!

For this version Richard Graham has implemented geodetic computation methods, which take into account the curvature of the Earth and the coriolis effect. The computation method is selected by the Geodetic calculations option in the simulation options. It's not (yet) a full spherical computation model, but should be accurate enough for almost all sub-orbital needs.

Doug Pedrick has also enhanced the printing system with the ability to print fin positioning guides, transition templates and nose cone profiles. Other smaller enhancements and bug fixes are also included.

25.8.2011: Version 1.1.8 is released!

This release contains bug fixes to the optimization methods. It also contains a workaround to a JRE bug that prevents running OpenRocket on some builds of Java 7.

The web pages have also been somewhat updated and Boris du Reau has created a separate site for coordinating the localization efforts for OpenRocket.

12.8.2011: Version 1.1.7 is released!

This release includes automatic rocket design optimization support (AnalyzeRocket optimization). You can optimize any amount of rocket parameters for apogee altitude, maximum velocity or a number of different values.

While the automatic optimization is a powerful tool, it is very easy to optimize against particulars of the simulation methods, instead of true physical phenomena. Always keep common sense at hand and take the results with a grain of salt.

22.7.2011: Version 1.1.6 is released!

This release includes initial localization support and translations to French, German and Spanish. This is thanks to the great work of Boris du Reau, and the teams from Tripoli France, Tripoli Spain and ERIG e.V. If you prefer to use some other language than the system default, you can select the language on the "Options" tab of the preferences dialog.

The release also includes design scaling support and numerous bug fixes.

10.6.2011: Version 1.1.5 is released!

This release includes updates to the printing system which fixes printing on Windows.

5.3.2011: Version 1.1.4 is released!

This release includes initial printing support, thanks to Doug Pedrick. Printing still has a few issues on some platforms. Various bugs have also been fixed.

6.10.2010: Version 1.1.3 is released!

This release includes support for moving and copying components in the component tree using drag-and-drop. Use normal DnD for moving, and control-drag for copy. This release also fixes a severe bug in the undo system.

7.9.2010: A bug-fix version 1.1.2 is released!

This release fixes a severe bug in 1.1.1 that prevented adding stages to rocket designs. Users are recommended to upgrade.

3.9.2010: Version 1.1.1 is released!

For this release a major part of the simulator code has been rewritten for better flexibility in future development. It also includes a vastly improved thrust curve selection dialog, the possibility to loading user-defined thrust curves and better startup times than previous releases.

Simulation listeners written for older versions of OpenRocket are not compatible with this release.

21.3.2010: Version 1.1.0 is released!

This release includes the first support for loading RockSim rocket design files (.RKT), thanks to contributions by Doug Pedrick. It's also the kick-off of the 1.1 development branch of OpenRocket.

10.3.2010: Version 1.0.0 is released!

This release includes several hundred new thrustcurves from and some bug fixes. It is also a stable milestone, after which development on larger features will be started in a 1.1 branch. Look out for it! :-)

17.2.2010: Version 0.9.6 is released!

This release updates the aerodynamic calculation methods to be more in line with the Barrowman method and enhances the simulation time step selection, in addition to fixing numerous bugs.

28.11.2009: Version 0.9.5 is released!

This release fixes a serious bug in 0.9.4 that prevented adding a tube coupler and centering ring to the same body tube, in addition to a few smaller additions. Users of 0.9.4 should upgrade immediately!

24.11.2009: Version 0.9.4 is released!

This version adds support for through-the-wall fin tabs, attaching components to coupler tubes, material editing, automatic update checking, in addition to fixing numerous bugs.

1.9.2009: Version 0.9.3 is released!

This version includes lots of bug fixes and new features including data exporting, showing flight events in plots, example rocket designs, splitting clustered inner tubes and automated bug reporting.

13.7.2009: Version 0.9.2 is released!

This version includes bug fixes for imperial unit conversions and UI improvements for motor selection. All users of imperial units should upgrade!

9.6.2009: The Master's thesis for which OpenRocket was written for is now available!

At the same time version 0.9.1 was released. This release fixes various file handling bugs and adds small UI enhancements.

24.5.2009: First version 0.9.0 released!

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