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Recent news:

28.03.2015: Version 15.03 is released! This release contains scriptable simulation extensions and experimental support for tube fins along with many additional improvements.

02.11.2014: Version 14.11 is released! This release contains very few changes. Thrustcurves have been updated and now include AeroTech DMS motors. A few bugs have been fixed.

25.06.2014: Version 14.06 is released! This release contains very minimal changes. It fixes an annoying bug in tables that many people experience. A texture is added for Klima motors.

21.05.2014: Version 14.05 is released! This release contains some minor features, bug fixes and updated thrust curves. New motor vendors Klima and Southern Cross Rocketry are included. The simulation will now compute optimum delay based on actual coast time. Components with CG and mass overrides are decorated with an icon in the component tree.

21.03.2014: Version 14.03 is released! This release contains the new photo realistic renderer (in the Tools menu) which allows one to visualize the rocket in the air. There are various bug fixes in the configuration and motor selection windows as well.

Ready packages

These are packages ready for use and are the recommended download for normal users. They are pre-packaged with motor thrust curves from

OpenRocket requires Java version 6 or later. The Sun Java Runtime is recommended.

Desktop version

This is the latest version of the desktop version of OpenRocket. It contains the latest and greatest features, and runs on any system supporting Java.

Support This Project

OpenRocket can be started in most graphical environments (including Windows) by double-clicking the package icon. No installation is required.

From the command line OpenRocket can be started by java -jar OpenRocket-15.03.jar

Android version

The Android version allows opening OpenRocket files, viewing simulations and motors. Later versions will allow running simulations as well.

The Android version is thanks to the fantastic work by Kevin Ruland.


  1. Go to SettingsApplications and check Unknown sources.
  2. Download OpenRocket-Android-13.11.apk on your device and accept installation.

Source code and older versions

Source packages and older versions of OpenRocket are available in the SourceForge repository.

Alternatively, the most recent development version can be obtained from GitHub. The code can be retrieved using the command

$ git clone git://

The above URL may be used to connect to the repository with other Git clients as well.

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